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The Snow day dilemma:

With the Problem-Solving W.I.Z. Kids and their dog Wonder 

Looking for a snowy day adventure? This children’s book takes place after a huge snowstorm. The kids and their dog are trapped. How will they come up with a solution to get out of their house? Join Winnie, Ike, and Zavier the W.I.Z.  Kids and find out.

Book Cover for The Snow Day Dilemma

Book Reviews

The Snow Day Dilemma

Lemons into Lemonade

I have a 6 year old son and he was very entertained by this book. He loved how it rhymes and kept stopping to point out, “Mama! that rhymes!” He also enjoyed that they turned the snow into a parade! It made him want to make a parade in the snow too. My personal favorite part of this book is it helped my son to better understand what making lemons into lemonade means! The story evoked a deeper discussion and I was able to use the story as an example to explain it so he understood.

The Snow Day Dilemma

Fun and Unique Book

This is such a fun and unique book to read with kiddos, especially during the winter months. The illustrations are so engaging and we are excited to read more adventures with the W.I.Z kids!

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