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The 100 day fashion show dilemma:

With the Problem-Solving W.I.Z. Kids and their dog Wonder 

Have you ever gotten to school and realized you left some important items at home? That is exactly what happens in this story, right before the big show. How will the W.I.Z. Kids help the students get what they need so the show can go on? 

Join Winnie, Ike, and Zavier to discover how they solve the dilemma. Join Winnie, Ike, and Zavier the W.I.Z.  Kids and find out.

Kid's book The 100 Day Fashion Show Dilemma

Book Reviews

A 100 Day Fashion Show Dilemma

What a Fun Book

This is such a fun book. I saw it at my child’s school and took a look. Perfect for the 100 Day celebrations that are just around the corner in February.

A 100 Day Fashion Show Dilemma

We Love This Book!!

As a Kindergarten teacher, I love reading this book to my kiddos around the 100th day of school and as we learn to count by 10's and into higher numbers. This book facilitates great discussions amongst my class and we just love problem solving with the W.I.Z Kids!!

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