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We believe that when one book closes, another opens. That’s why we want to be sure that you conveniently find your next favorite so the adventure never ends. Click the button below to browse all of my titles.

Book Cove for The Snow Day Dilemma

About Author

Amanda Fuller-Wellman

Amanda is a driven and empathic individual. She has always been passionate about helping others in her life. First as a social worker, and now as an educator for children with learning disabilities. Her books are meant to bring joy, learning, and some difficult topics to our youngest readers. She believes it's important to teach through fun adventures and she does so through her children's story books.

Raising Hands
Soft Dots

Book Reviews

 A Lock Down Drill: What Does it Mean?

Informative and Fun
This is a great way for a teacher or parent to start a conversation about a topic that can be challenging. The illustrations also help keep the information light.

 A 100 Day Fashion Show Dilemma

We Love This Book!!
As a Kindergarten teacher, I love reading this book to my kiddos around the 100th day of school and as we learn to count by 10's and into higher numbers. This book facilitates great discussions amongst my class and we just love problem solving with the W.I.Z Kids!!

The Snow Day Dilemma

Lemons into Lemonade
I have a 6 year old son and he was very entertained by this book. He loved how it rhymes and kept stopping to point out, “Mama! that rhymes!” He also enjoyed that they turned the snow into a parade! It made him want to make a parade in the snow too. My personal favorite part of this book is it helped my son to better understand what making lemons into lemonade means! The story evoked a deeper discussion and I was able to use the story as an example to explain it so he understood.
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